About Us

Founded by Horace Tempest over 80 years ago, Tempest Photography has been at the forefront of the photographic industry for nearly a century.

We were the first school photography company in the UK to move to full digital processing and our digital laboratory is the most state-of-the-art in Europe, giving you first-class images, every time.

We understand good composition and our vast experience allows us to deliver the same consistent high quality on every commission we undertake. Whether it is a simple portrait or group picture, traditional or contemporary in style, our 450 highly trained photographers appreciate the importance of capturing the spark that makes each of us unique.

Our expertise is not limited entirely to photography. For our university clients, we offer gowning and ticketing services at graduation events alongside our studio and event photography. We also provide specialist group photography services to sports teams and academies. Through Jolt media, our visual and branding agency, we offer extensive creative services ranging from videography, website design and visual mapping. We are also proud to own the largest yearbook company in the UK, AllYearbooks. 

Total number of images we’ll process in 12 months.
The number of pupils in the largest group photo we’ve taken.
The average number of school portraits we process in a day during the autumn term.
Tempest has invested £10 million since 2005 in digital laboratory (we now have the most advanced photographic laboratory in Europe).
The number of universities we photograph in the UK.
The number of full time photographers we have on staff.
The number of yearbooks we produced last year.
The number of students we can photograph in a single group image.
On average 85% of customers who leave Tempest return the following year.
All our photographers live near to where they photograph