Military & Uniformed Services

Pass Off parades and visits by Royals and dignitaries. The Regimental Sgt Majors' conventions. Overseas exercises and deployments.

We’ve been providing photography to the British Military and Uniformed Services sector for the past 20 years and have permanent offices on-site at both the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, and the Army Training Centre at Pirbright. 

We provide portraiture and large group photographs for cadets and officers across the entire sweep of their career from initial training through to their Pass Off Parade and beyond.  We follow them on Exercise, we film them in High Definition on their Pass Out day and we attend them on overseas deployment.

Throughout the year we work with Sandhurst and Pirbright to deliver additional bespoke services and products on request, providing coverage of special events, visits and conventions. And in addition to our long-standing association with the British Army, we also provide photography to the British Transport Police and to the RAF.

In recent years we’ve also had the pleasure of photographing the royal staff and residents of Buckingham Palace. We're immensely proud of our on-going association with these prestigious establishments and institutions.

To see more about the kinds of products and services we routinely provide to the personnel at Sandhurst and Pirbright, and to the Military more widely under the ‘Tempest Military’ umbrella, please click on the links below.

Military portraits

Combining quality, value and choice, our classic studio service offers an excellent range of products from great value combination packs and traditional presentations to striking contemporary frames. Mounts are foil-blocked with the appropriate crest or insignia.


Our innovative system allows images to be viewed instantly in the studio, guaranteeing satisfaction with any photographs ordered. Passing Out parades are the primary occasion for studio photography, allowing cadets and their families to commemorate this proud day with a lasting memento to treasure forever.


Studios are set up at a suitable communal venue within easy reach of the Parade Square and at larger parades using two studios reduces waiting times.

Location photography

When it comes to basic training, there are few experiences more memorable than the final exercise.


We attend teams on location to provide both group photographs and individual portraits.

Military groups

Tempest have taken over 25,000 large groups over the last 20 years. Our patented purpose-built staging allows us to capture up to 1200 people in a single photograph. The expertise of our Digital Imaging department then means we can also create even larger group images by seamlessly combining shots. 


Our high-spec aluminium staging is a unique patented design, developed by Tempest to provide the safest and most efficient solution for large group photography. The staging meets all modern safety requirements; has components checked regularly and is inspected annually by an independent Structural Engineer; distributes weight evenly over a wide area to protect playing fields and artificial surfaces. This service is underwritten by comprehensive liability Insurance.

If you would like us to be your official photographer, please get in touch.