Early Years Small Groups

From a special play to photographing a class with their teacher, our small groups service captures colourful early memories.

Our photographers will ensure the session runs smoothly by making everyone feel at ease and bringing along patience and fun as standard. As well as making sure everyone's enjoying themselves and helping with the organisation on the day, our staff are also experts in composition. So they'll make sure every group is well formed and that everyone can be seen and looks their best.

With products ranging from traditionally composed location and studio shots, to vistas stitched together by the team in our state-of-the-art lab, these are products that kids and parents will treasure for years to come.

Early years vistas

We’ve designed this product to celebrate early friendships in a creative and fun way. It’s a great way to commemorate a special event like a play or charity event when colourful costumes are already on hand.


Taken using a black or white background, we’ll use fun props to make the experience more interactive and exciting for the stars of the show. This innovative product is a perfect memento for children and parents to treasure forever.

Early years class photos

Capture a timeless class photo of a class or year group.


The image can be taken inside or out and our highly trained local photographers will take time to compose the perfect group, making sure each child can be seen.

Mini graduation vista

Grab a vista shot of your graduation group and capture this important end-of-an-era event before children move up to primary school.


Small groups are photographed in front of a white or black background then stitched together seamlessly in our digital laboratory. We personalise the photograph further by adding a group or class name and year and a fun splash of colour.

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I've had the pleasure of working with Tempest Photography for over 12 years

We receive fabulous feedback from parents who are spoilt for choice with the number of photos that they receive.

- Wansbeck (Kids 1st)

The photographer is so great with the kids and joins in with our team feel!

In all the years I have been in this profession I've never had such a wonderful, humorous and kind photographer.

Paul Slater, Headteacher - Trumacar Nursery and Community Primary School

We always recommend Tempest Photography to anyone

Our photographer is fantastic and great with the children, putting both parents and children at ease.

Linda Diffley - West Denton Playgroup

Parents continue to be thrilled with the photos of their children!

We have used Tempest Photography for many years at our nursery and we are always extremely happy with the service.

Clare Hurst - The Rocking Horse Nursery (Southport) ltd

We have loved having Tempest as our Photographers

They are always so professional and above all they are great with our little people.

Loren Guest - Marsh Gibbon Pre-School

Each year the day runs seamlessly.

The quality of the images are excellent with the team having an eye for detail.

Sue and Emma Graham - Busy Bees and Busy Bears Nursery