• Moxie Leavers Hoodies


Introducing Moxie, sister company of AllYearbooks and the home of personalised leavers’ hoodies.

Both Tempest Photography and Moxie are committed to helping customers preserve their special memories. They recognise that the friendships and memories made in school are unique; as people grow up and move on, the underlying bond between classmates lives on. Moxie’s personalised hoodies are the perfect way to celebrate that unity as they head on to their next adventure.

Using Moxie’s simple online dashboard, users can collaborate on every aspect of their hoodies, from the initial design right through to delivery. However because “Moxie” is the celebration of being individual whilst feeling connected, each individual will be able to choose their favourite colour and add their personal touch with their nickname too. The best part? Their unique dashboard means that hoodies can be delivered in as little as 3 weeks from the date of order!

So if you’re looking for the comfiest, personalised Leaver’s hoodies around then look no further than www.moxieleavers.co.uk.