The Story Behind The Shot - Green Spaces

The Story Behind The Shot - Green Spaces
by Neil Bason

In a world that appears to be driven ever more fiercely by technology, the chance to escape into the simpler things life can offer should never be underestimated.

And of life’s myriad simple pleasures, stepping into the green space of nature is hard to beat.

At Tempest Photography, we are incredibly fortunate. Did you know our headquarters is situated in a leafy corner of Lelant, Cornwall? Nature presses close to the buildings of Trevethoe House (home to Tempest) as an expanse of glorious sprawling woodland watches over the comings and goings of every busy day.

This magical place where towering trees cast reflections upon the glassy face of our quiet pond, and local wildlife goes about its day alongside the hustle and bustle of working life is something Tempest has long been proud of. It is an area that is maintained and cared for by our own team of experts in the field (sometimes literally in the field) and it has long been a jewel in the Trevethoe crown.

It is a quiet place. Somewhere that will transform your surroundings after just a few steps along the narrow stone path that marks its entrance and exit. It is a place rich for the senses, where the smells of the earth and ancient tree bark meet sweet flowers and hang marmalade thick upon the tongue of all who pass through.

And it is somewhere to breathe. Whether we suck in lungfuls of bracing country air, or we simply find a moment away from the day, this green space is there for us.

As has long been understood at Tempest HQ, by taking care of the natural spaces around us, those same spaces take care of us. They open a door to wander, escape the stresses of work for a while, and simply be present in the moment with nature as our walking companion.

There have been many academic studies into the mental health benefits of stepping into green spaces. It can prove a release valve for the pressures of the day-to-day, a chance to both reflect and be present, and it is a means to slow the pace whenever life feels like it's about to run away with you.

At Trevethoe House we have just such a space, and we are eternally grateful.

Photograph by Amber Charman.

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