My Five Shots - Leah Dickinson

My Five Shots - Leah Dickinson
by Neil Bason

Welcome to 'My Five Shots' where we showcase five special photographs from members of our photography team. 

Today we introduce Leah Dickinson and her selection of shots that celebrate family and the love that carries us through life. The images here sing of joyful moments in time, infused with an intimacy that is hard to define but easy to recognise. 

Over to Leah...

I've always loved photography, don't know why, it just felt right. I had no interest in moving film, I think it's the magic of that split second being caught on camera, frozen in time. I was probably about 12 when I took an interest in images, yet my first SLR camera was at 16 years old.

Before working for Tempest I did my own thing for a bit, working with families, the preference being outside. I noticed how parents very rarely wanted to be in the photos 'Oh just concentrate on my children', yet I'd always make a point of trying to include them. It's important and special as the years go by, and we can look back.

Here are my five favourite photos all taken in the beautiful Bucks area. The 1st black and white shot was on film and developed in my little darkroom at the time, long gone now and how I miss the smell of the chemicals and Ilford film (showing my age!)

I've also shared a pic of me and my dad in 1969. It's special to me, the size of his hand and my little hand in his, the time on the clock too and his hippy scarf! Mum had a good eye, I noticed she always got in close. We have many many family pics to look back on and treasure, it's the black and white shots which will always be my favourites. 

I hope in time my five shots shown here can give those children the same feeling when they grow up!

Leah's Five Shots - Plus one timeless Father and Daughter shot from 1969

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