My Five Shots - Lisa Bowman

My Five Shots - Lisa Bowman

Welcome to 'My Five Shots' where we showcase five special photographs from members of our photography team.

Today we introduce Lisa Bowman and her selection of shots that capture the beauty surrounding us in nature and life in the most perfect, introspective, and thoughtful way.

Over to Lisa...

I started working for H. Tempest in July 2023. I manage the Leeds and York area as a School Photographer.

For as long as I can remember, I have always been the one standing behind the camera, taking those once-in-a-lifetime shots and capturing precious memories in still life. Photography is my passion and has been for many years. I enjoy capturing everything beautiful and profound, in any context.

I grew up in Leeds, West Yorkshire and I still live in the city today. I am a busy working Mum, and a Freelance Photographer and I also study photography at PI Photography Institute, London.

Photography allows me to use my imagination and transform my feelings and moods. I love to capture beauty through the lens and Photography is beneficial for my mental health. I always feel a sense of calm and peace when I am behind the camera, whether it be through work or my hobby.

I am very fortunate to be doing what I love. As well as my Photography work for H.Tempest and my freelance work, my hobbies are walking and landscape/nature/wildlife photography.

You can view Lisa's portfolio of work here.

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